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Program Overview

Submitted by ADuxbury on Mon, 09/09/2013 - 1:57pm

University Prep's Outdoor Education Program offers wilderness backpacking experiences for students in grades 8 through 12. The mission of University Prep’s Outdoor Program is to provide the University Prep students and community members with sustainable, environmentally conscious, local outdoor experiences that provide further opportunities for students and community members to become socially and environmentally responsible citizens of the world. The program practices Leave No Trace ethics in all of its sponsored activities whether they be at school or in the wilderness. The dedication to Leave No Trace ethics and sustainability extends to all facets of the program; we keep the program foot print as small as possible in the urban environment as well as the wilderness. By using local destinations and facilities, fees for students and the environmental impact of the program travel are kept to a minimum. Participation in the Outdoor Education Program is not required and is entirely the choice of the student. The program offers an overnight winter camping experience, a 5 day spring break backpacking trip, and 4 and 5 day summer wilderness backpacking trips. The program is intended for both experienced outdoors women and men as well as beginners. See links on this page for important forms, trip descriptions, and sign up sheet instructions. Questions: email Alec Duxbury (, Outdoor Education Coordinator.